The Ganny Project

Ganny Comber spent her days in her flourishing gardens, taking care of her beautiful little ladies.  She was known as the plant lady and always took the time to help others with their gardens and growing needs.  She experimented with growing methods for decades and held a plethora of knowledge for those looking to enhance their green thumbs! 

Ganny put pure love, care and happiness into every plant she brought into her family.  She propagated those plants regularly and when someone came along looking to create their first garden, she taught them her ways and gave them the knowledge to have their little ladies flourish. 

ganny comber Spreading Love & Knowledge Through Plants

When she spotted her grandson Charles Comber watching her and showing interest in her gardens, she decided to teach him every ounce of information she had.  Throughout the years, they spread that love and knowledge growing a number of gardens together all over Michigan.  It’s amazing the power of what one seed can accomplish! 

When Charles bought his first property they transplanted hundreds of Ganny’s plants from her original gardens, so that he could continue the legacy of love.  He helped his friends and co-workers start their own gardens for decades after, spreading a little piece of Ganny everywhere he could.  Ganny was his love and his light and their bond was unlike anything most had seen.

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Ganny passed away on August 2, 2021.  Charles was devastated as she had always been his angel in life.  He found himself spending more time with his plants than ever before and realized that every one of them had a little piece of Ganny within.  He was surrounded by her love as he always had been and that’s when the idea sprouted in his mind…

Why not use the power of technology to reach others?  To provide free knowledge to those looking to enhance or start their own gardens.  To continue the propagation of her plants to share with more than just people he knew.  On top of that…Ganny always loved to donate to and spread the word of St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.  Doing anything to help them filled her soul with joy!  So why not combine the two? 

This was the foundation of the creation of The Ganny Project.  Charles spent a year and half simply propagating and creating a plan to launch the project.  In January of 2023, the project went live.  Although we are in the base stages, we hope to build an empire of free plant knowledge, spread awareness and help to raise money for St. Judes, along with spreading a little piece of Ganny throughout people’s homes and gardens around the world.  In the future years, Charles will continue to add to the project, post content regularly and try to help everyone to succeed with their gardens of love.

Why Do This?

To continue the legacy of Ganny…

To grow as he had never grown before…

To continue to spread her love and wisdom but not just in Michigan…

To give everyone the ability to have a little piece of Ganny…

& for each of them to continue her legacy of love through propagation, sharing of knowledge, and growth of her generations of her little ladies everywhere!

We hope you enjoy your little piece of Ganny and please continue spreading her love to others!

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About Our Plant Care

We take the utmost care of our nursery and every little lady in it!  All of our plants are cared for year-round in a state-of-the-art indoor grow facility. 

All plants are given love every single and each room has it’s own sound system with a mix of jazz, blues, reggae and meditation music.  All plants are given top of the line nutrients once per week and all hydroponically grown plants have commercial bubblers 24/7, clear res and new filtered water every other week. 

Each room has it’s own dehumidifier to avoid mold or bacteria growth, air conditioner for hot weather and heater for the colder months, along with filtered intake and outtake systems for clean purified air daily.  All of our plants receive 18 hours of light from some of the best LED systems on the market and all of the walls, floor and ceilings are painted and sealed to get the best reflective light for each and every plant.

Our little ladies are loved deeply and have been kissed by the memory of our dear Ganny!  We hope that you can feel the love with your new baby and that she grows with the utmost beauty for you.

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the ganny project ganny comber Spreading Love & Knowledge Through Plants

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the ganny project ganny comber Spreading Love & Knowledge Through Plants

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the ganny project ganny comber Spreading Love & Knowledge Through Plants

How To Propagate

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the ganny project ganny comber Spreading Love & Knowledge Through Plants

The Ganny Project

Our full story on the history of the Ganny Project, our mission and who Ganny Comber was.

"We are surrounded by little blessings...find them & spread them to others."

- Ganny Comber -

the ganny project ganny comber Spreading Love & Knowledge Through Plants

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