5 Cuttings – Tradescantia Zebrina – Wandering Jew – Inch Plant – Spiderwort – Dayflower Live Plant Cuttings Non-Rooted – Colors – Silver Purple Burgundy



This listing is for the beautiful Tradescantia Zebrina/Wandering Jew/Inch Plant/Spiderwort/Dayflower – Color – Silver/Purple/Burgundy.  ***Colors vary in vibrance and dominant color due to location in our rooms, nutrient cycles, amount of light and temperature.  Please refer to all photos to see the color variance you may receive.***

Your order includes 5 non-rooted cuttings that are approximately 3-5 inches in length.

***These are not rooted…they are cuttings only.  Please refer to our other listings of rooted and planted live plants***

The Tradescantia Zebrina is one of the easiest to care for, which is especially nice for those that do not have a green thumb 😉

  • Low maintenance
  • Purify the air
  • Decrease stress
  • Easy to propagate
  • Grow perfectly in soil or hydroponic systems
  • Perfect for arrangements, hanging baskets, planters, containers. The ideal gift for mother’s day, gift for dad, wedding present, birthday surprise, group events, and zoom team meetings

Tradescantia (/ ˌtrædəˈskæntiə /) is a genus of 85 species of herbaceous perennial wildflowers in the family Commelinaceae, native to the Americas from southern Canada to northern Argentina, including the West Indies. Members of the genus are known by many common names, including inch plant, wandering jew, spiderwort, and dayflower


***Winter Weather*** It is not safe to order plants when you are having temperatures under 40 degrees.  Although we do our best to package these little ladies, we cannot ensure that they will stay warm enough in lower temperatures like that and cannot be held responsible for frozen plants.


Caring For Your New Addition!

We offer in depth instructions on how to properly root, care for and propagate your new family addition.  We also provide information on different growing methods, experimentation with nutrients to bring different variations to life and enhance your colors.  Along with troubleshooting what may have gone wrong if your baby is experiencing some growth issues.

See in-depth instructions here >>


About Our Plant Care

We take the utmost care of our nursery and every little lady in it!  All of our plants are cared for year-round in a state-of-the-art indoor grow facility.  All plants are given love every single and each room has it’s own sound system with a mix of jazz, blues, reggae and meditation music.  All plants are given top of the line nutrients once per week and all hydroponically grown plants have commercial bubblers 24/7, clear res and new filtered water every other week.  Each room has it’s own dehumidifier to avoid mold or bacteria growth, air conditioner for hot weather and heater for the colder months, along with filtered intake and outtake systems for clean purified air daily.  All of our plants receive 18 hours of light from some of the best LED systems on the market and all of the walls, floor and ceilings are painted and sealed to get the best reflective light for each and every plant.

Our little ladies are loved deeply and have been kissed by the memory of our dear Ganny!  We hope that you can feel the love with your new baby and that she grows with the utmost beauty for you.

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# Of Cuttings

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